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5 Trends Shaping eCommerce Website Design That Boost Sales.

In the realm of eCommerce, maintaining a competitive edge is paramount. In 2018, a staggering 1.7 billion shoppers spent $2.8 trillion on online retail goods. Forecasts project a rise to 2.1 billion online consumers in 2021, with global eCommerce sales expected to surge past $4.8 trillion.

Capitalizing on this potential profit makes it necessary to have a stellar online store that harnesses cutting-edge web design tools and professional features. Industry experts have pinpointed five trends crucial for eCommerce websites. Explore how you can enhance the shopping experience by delving into personalized content, ensuring customer support availability, expanding sales reach, and more.

5 trends in eCommerce website design

To outpace competitors, and stay ahead of your competitors, leverage these trends:

  1. Fully Embrace Video Content
  2. Craft Videos with Your Customers in Focus
  3. Incorporate Live Chat or Chatbots for Immediate Engagement
  4. Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile Devices
  5. Expand Your Sales Presence across Multiple Channels

1.Harness the Power of Video Content

While video content is not a recent innovation, its significance continues to grow, especially for online retailers. Research indicates that 85% of customers express a desire for more video content from brands. This is advantageous for your website as it prolongs the time customers spend on your page—approximately 2.6 times longer. From the consumer’s standpoint, a product gains more credibility when there’s a video showcasing its appearance and functionality in real-life scenarios.

Beyond bolstering credibility, video content contributes to improved SEO. An online store incorporating videos is 53 times more likely to secure a spot on the front page of Google.

If you remain unconvinced, consider the fact that video content offers a superior return on investment (ROI) in marketing. Professionals in the field assert that conversion rates are higher for videos compared to any other content type.

Given these benefits, integrating video content should be a fundamental aspect of your eCommerce website design. Don’t overlook its potential impact.

2.Craft Customer-Centric Videos

Seeking ideas for compelling videos tailored to your online store? Here are some concepts that resonate well with audiences:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Address the common 5-10 questions visitors typically have in a video format. Consider creating additional FAQ videos specific to your top-selling products or services.

Product Showcase: Feature your products in dedicated videos, including demonstrations, tutorials, or case studies. Emphasize the value and utility of each product.

Customer Testimonials: Elevate your brand and establish credibility by showcasing video testimonials. Capture the genuine experiences of satisfied customers using your products.

Employee Profiles: Provide a glimpse behind the scenes of your business through employee bios. This approach fosters familiarity and trust, strengthening the connection between your brand and potential customers.

3.Implement Live Chat or Chatbots for Immediate Interaction

Modern online shoppers anticipate eCommerce platforms to offer 24/7 support, prompting many websites to adopt live chat or chatbots for customer engagement.

Live chat enables you to be present for shoppers precisely when they require assistance. This approach fosters customer relationships and has the potential to enhance sales. Wix provides customizable chatboxes, allowing you to tailor the appearance, set specific hours, issue coupons, and engage in chats while on the move using the Wix Owner app.

In contrast, chatbots are AI-driven software programs designed to emulate real human interactions. They facilitate customer interaction through voice or text, employing automated and predictive responses. Chatbots prove useful for addressing customer queries and facilitating product sales during periods when live chat isn’t available. Regardless of your choice, the increased responsiveness and personalized service offered by live chat or chatbots are features highly appreciated by shoppers.

4.Optimize Your Online Store for Mobile Devices

Ensuring the mobile-friendliness of your online store is of utmost importance, given that mobile users constitute 52% of global internet traffic.

To achieve this, prioritize quick loading times for your store, considering that approximately 60% of all searches originate from mobile devices. When tailoring your site’s design for mobile users, eliminate unnecessary design elements that might hinder loading speed. Additionally, thoroughly test your mobile checkout flow to ensure a streamlined and user-friendly process. A seamless mobile transaction experience is crucial to preventing visitors from encountering obstacles that may lead them to purchase from other sources.

5.Diversify Sales Channels

When selecting sales channels for your eCommerce platform, don’t overlook the potential of social media, where 3.5 billion users worldwide present ample opportunities to connect with new customers.

Social media platforms play a vital role in simplifying online shopping. Astute online retailers leverage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to transition visitors from casual browsers to buyers with a simple click. Instagram, for instance, has enhanced the checkout process, enabling shoppers to complete purchases without leaving the app. Moreover, it now stores buyers’ payment information for expedited future checkouts.

Choose social sales channels aligned with your customers’ daily usage. Ensure consistent branding across these platforms, creating a harmonious shopping experience from social discovery to checkout on your eCommerce website.

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